Thursday, January 19, 2023

1977 Orlando USN

 I was stationed in 1977-78 in Orlando Fl. Greatest duty station I had. Near the base. about a mile or so was the Jamajo Inn a small locals bar right on Colonial Road across from the Herndon (Orlando Executive) airport. Had a jukebox and it was filled with people who were just trying to get by. Drank a lot of beer here. And Waylon Jennings The Wurlitzer Prize was on the jukebox. This place was great. Got drunk here many nights. You may think it's crazy to say but some of my best memories were in that bar. This song takes me back every time I hear it. I wonder what became of that crowd. We were all a mess.

Back then Orlando was still a small southern city. They ruined it of course. I can't stand going there now.


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