Sunday, January 22, 2023

Still typing

To Blog or not to Blog....

 People blog for a multitude of reasons. Work, school, family events. As for myself, I never have settled on one topic. It’s all just what comes to me day by day. Topics vary greatly.   I think I suffer for that, in that not many really want to read the wandering imagination of a 68 year old retired Air Traffic Controller. Actually,  I’m not sure who if anyone reads it, and what they think, since I receive few comments. Leads me to believe that I am mostly blogging to a mirror. And I’m ok with that. I think of it as a fun dear diary. 

I've been doing this for years and my tools change constantly.  I recently cancelled a self hosted account using the WordPress software. It is really fun customizing and learning how to reinvent my little wheels. Trouble is it wasn’t free.  When you start up with a web host company, to draw you in they offer a very nice package for about $25 a year. Then, as happened to me last week, it’s time to renew for year 2 at the full price, $110. Not gonna do that.

 So here I am now now on Googles Blogger platform which is pretty basic, not much you can customize, but, it is free. And free always makes me smile. So off I go, blogging my little heart out here. 

Until one day, as always happens, I'll wake up, bored with this limited web home and go start another WordPress self hosting site with a new Host company with that cheap sign up deal. And all those WordPress bells and whistles!

Anyhow...take a look around here. If you like what you see…. Leave me a comment. If you think it’s garbage, let me know that too.



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